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David and Marty decide to head to the Psychic Circus after receiving a Spambot advertising free popcorn (Marty can’t resist free popcorn). In this episode, the guys review The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, discuss a few non-Doctor Who things, DVD Extras, Marty’s engagement and read Listener Feedback Email. David joins Marty’s Big Finish obsession as both Hooies review separate BF audio adventures, one featuring Tom Baker’s Doctor and the other Sylvester McCoy!

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David and Marty find themselves on a cargo freighter in the middle of a skirmish between Earth and the Draconians in the 25th century while Marty attempts to explain to his Dad what a Laan is while covering the latest Big Finish Adventure for Tom Baker's Doctor, the guys apply some Venusian Akido to the Listener Feedback email bag, discuss muffin smuggling and are joined again by Andre Tessier for an update on L.I. Geek and L.I. Who 3! Enjoy!

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Bundle up! David and Marty are headed to the Arctic to discuss the Tom Baker story, The Seeds of Doom. David chats with Andre Tessier of Long Island Doctor Who in a new segment discussing Con updates, L.I. Geek, his thoughts on the recent Gallifrey One convention and 2 special guest announcements for L.I. Who 3! The guys cover DVD Extras, read listener feedback emails and Marty throws fate to the wind yet again with the Randomizer to see what is in store next month!

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Marty and David review The Mark of the Rani, and Marty reviews the Big Finish story, The Sands of Life in High Speed style.  The guys read listener feedback emails (both of them) and are joined by Dr. Phill for a musical review of Mark of the Rani

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Episode 89 (Enhanced) - Last Christmas


David, Marty and Ian sit down to discuss the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas special, ‘Last Christmas’. Opinions ran the gamut and Marty broke the censor bleep button at one point!  A good time was had by all, recounting the 2014 Hooie Christmas and speculating on Series 9.

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Episode 88 (Enhanced) - Robot

David and Marty review the first Tom Baker story, Robot. The guys cover DVD Extras and read listener feedback email featuring the first Guest announcement for L.I. Who 3 in 2015!  Stay tuned for the Christmas Special review in a few days!

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Episode 87 (Enhanced) - The Mutants


David and Marty review the Third Doctor story, The Mutants in a delayed and brief edition of Hoo On Who.  Marty finishes his High Speed Review of New Who with the final 3 series 8 episodes.  As an extra added Christmas bonus, Marty reviews a Big Finish story, Weapon of Choice. The guys cover DVD Extras as well as reading a short selection of Listener Feedback email.

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Episode 86 - (Enhanced) L.I. Who 2

It is the much anticipated LI Who 2 episode of Hoo On Who, where David forces his friend and fellow podcaster, Josh Zimon, into the Burt Ward sidecar to interview Doctor Who illuminaries like: Paul McGann, Colin Baker, Wendy Padbury, Deborah Watling, Nicola Bryant, and the legendary Terrance Dicks!  If your heart can handle all of that, then stick around and listen to David’s solo interviews with writer Nev Fountain and LI Who show runner, Ken Deep!  Mucho thanks to Marty for stepping up and helping get this produced and out!



See you all at LI Who 3 next year!  (and yes, Marty is going!)

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Episode 85 (Enhanced) - The King's Demons

It’s a full sized episode of Hoo On Who!  David and Marty travel back to England in 1215 to review the Peter Davison story, The King’s Demons.  The guys discuss DVD Extras and respond to listener feedback.  Also, Marty continues his High Speed Reviews of New Who series 8 with reviews of Kill The Moon, Mummy on the Orient Express, and Flatline.  David chat with Dave Marsh of GoPop.TV about their new commentary app.  Finally, at long last, Dr. Phill is back to review The King’s Demons as only he can!

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Episode 84 (Enhanced) - The Romans

A TARDIS malfunction lands David and Marty in there intended destination (Rome 64 AD) but it’s a trip the guys won’t soon forget!  Join the Hooies as they discuss the First Doctor story, The Romans, talk DVD Extras and engage with listener feedback email, including audio feedback from our pal Theta Sigma!  Marty also does High Speed Reviews of New Who for episodes 2 - 5 of Series 8!  Enjoy!

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