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Episode 111 - Planet of Fire

This month on Hoo on Who, David and Marty find themselves on the planet Sarn. The Master has been shrunk and is mind controlling the waffle iron. The waffle iron burned Marty and he now has the Mark of Logar imprinted on his arm. The locals from Sarn are praising him as the chosen one, but will he have to prove it in the arena? We also discuss DVD extras, read listener Feedback email, and we take a break to chat with the writer of Titan Comic's new Third Doctor series (among many other things) Paul Cornell! So tune in to Episode 111 of Hoo on Who, where we review the Peter Davison story, Planet of Fire! We tried not to waffle too much in this one. Oh no! The Waffle Iron has awoken!

Next Month, Shada!

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