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Episode 102: The Husbands of River Song

Merry Christmas from all of us at Hoo on Who! This episode we discuss the 2015 Christmas special, The Husbands of River Song. So join us for a last bit of Christmas cheer!

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It's Microphones and Maracas as David, Marty and Josh Zimon sit down and chat with some of the celebrity guests at this year's L.I. Who convention. Sit back and enjoy casual chats with Dan Starkey, Paul McGann, Ian McNiece and the one and only Carol Ann Ford! Then...throw "casual" out the window as the guys sit down with the human tornado that is Katy Manning!


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What better way to celebrate the 100th episode of Hoo On Who than to sit down with Wendy Padbury and Frazer Hines to reminisce about the Seed of Death! David and Marty discuss their trip to L.I. Who 3, celebrities meetings, DVD Extras, Listener Feedback Email, and THEN…THEN…Dear Listeners, there is MORE! Yes! Joining us is Matthew Jacobs, writer and co-producer of the 1996 TV Movie and Vanessa Yuille, who are producing a new Doctor Who documentary about American Doctor Who fans and THEY NEED OUR HELP!! Please check out their Indie Go Go site and the intro video at the link below and become a part of something really special!


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David and Marty crash land on the dark and mysterious planet of Exxilon and discover crafty Daleks building low tech weaponry without opposable thumbs! The guys review Death to the Daleks, discuss killer flooring, bad timing for cliff hangers, DVD extras (including Easter Eggs) and read listener feedback E-mail!  This is it! Next month is episode 100 featuring Wendy Padbury and Frazer Hines! (Whether they like it or not!)

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Episode 98: The Invisible Enemy

"People are going to think we're actually trying" -David Hooie

Welcome to a Promise Keeping Edition of Hoo on Who! This month the guys find themselves on answering a distress call on one of the moons of Saturn. Once they arrive the staff have all grown out their eyebrows and tried desperately hard to maintain eye contact. Later full clothed clones of our heroes get shrunk down and injected into David's brain to fight a giant shrimp! And Marty's allergic! So join us the month as we discuss the Tom Baker episode The Invisible Enemy! Also we will discuss The Magician's Apprentice and the Witch's Familiar! We also discuss DVD extras, read listener feedback, and generally carry on about things.

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Episode 97 - The Visitation

David and Marty learn that you should never:

A. Play with matches

B. Promise to get a podcast episode out on time

C. Wash a Silurian Costume on "HOT"

D. All of the Above!!

The guys travel to England in 1666 in a misguided attempt to join Peter Davison and Co. as they come face to face with the Great Plague, An Android disguised as Death, Teraleptils, and the Great Fire of London!

Join us as we discuss DVD Extras, Marty's review of Big Finish, read listener feedback email, and say farewell to the Sonic Screwdriver!

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Episode 96 - The Hand of Fear

This month the guys find themselves in a legitimate stone quarry right before detonation. They find a stone hand and a ring that begins to regrow when exposed to radiation. Marty wears some silly overalls and some bloake named Elrdrad keeps going on about him living. We also discuss the last in a series of main range Big Finish stories featuring the 5th Doctor, Peter Davison, Maureen O'Brien, and Peter Pervus. Marty continues his Big Finish series on the Tom Baker adventures as well. We round out the Big Finish parade this episode by talking about an older release that is the sequel to Hand of Fear, Eldrad Must Die, featuring Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, Sarah Sutton, and Mark Strickson. We also read listener feedback, and jabber on about various things. Don't miss this exciting and jam packed episode of Hoo on Who! Eldrad Must LIVE!

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David talks with Andre Tessier from Long Island Doctor Who about some exciting guest announcements for this November's con! Tickets are still available! Come join us!



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Episode 95 - Survival

David and Marty land in the quaint town of Perivale to check out where Ace called home, only to discover more cats than even these two are used to seeing! Soon the guys find themselves embroiled in a battle for their lives against sweaty dancers, stunt casted shopkeepers and the Master himself!!

Andre Tessier returns to update us on the goings on in Long Island as the prep for L.I. Who 3 continues!

David reviews Big Finish's 'The Last Cyberman', the guys discuss DVD extras and split the rather light Listener Feedback email load evenly in this fur filled edition of Hoo On Who! Enjoy!

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Episode 94 - Arc of Infinity

Omega has control of the Matrix and Marty has control of the TARDIS as the guys head to Amsterdam for the Peter Davison story, Arc of Infinity!

Marty reviews the latest Tom Baker Big Finish adventure, the guys discuss DVD extras, British stunt casting and read some fantastic listener feedback emails!


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