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With the time circuits fixed and the Flux Capacitor fluxing at a normal rhythm, the Hooie's get back on track. What better way to make a comeback than to topple a regime? So join us for this episode of Hoo on Who as we review the Sylvester McCoy story, Happiness Patrol! Happiness Will Prevail!

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The Hooie's are back to review the Christmas Episode of Doctor Who this year, Twice Upon a Time. This is a quick one with special guest Ian Hooie. We will return next month to resume our regular schedule with Happiness Partol!

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David and Marty touch down on an Arrakis knock off planet in the middle of an Agatha Christie novel. All the robots are inspired by Issac Asimov and the whole thing looks like a mess of unrelated influences. 

Join us for the long awaited episode of Hoo on Who where we dive into the Tom Baker story, Robots of Death. Plus we discuss Doctor Who news, the possibility of recasting, and more. We also read emails and talk DVD extras. 

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Marty and David arrive in the South Pole on Earth in 1986, but it looks strangely "retro" to them as they encounter the Doctor (or his stand-in), Ben and Polly who are doing battle with the Cybermen!! Mondas is fast approaching Earth and sucking the life out of it, will Earth survive? Will humanity be lost and eventually recovered through the art of animation??

The guys also discuss DVD Extras and read listener feedback email. Come join the fun! This episode is dedicated to Polly Hingley, the prettiest and cleverest baby on Planet Earth!

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David and Marty are still on Hiatus! Before they can rest easy they have some unfinished business to take care of before the news goes cold! Join us on this episode of Hoo on Who  where the boys discuss series 10 and their reactions to Jodie Whittaker being announced as the 13th Doctor! You can grab your pitchforks at the door, torches are extra.

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David and Marty get stopped by a satellite on their way to the future. Unfortunately their old security code that used to check out no longer does. They are forced down onto Sea Base 4 where a deadly struggle between the humans and the Silurian/Sea Devils is taking place! So grab a half of the pantomime Myrka and join us for our review of Warriors of the Deep! We also discuss DVD Extras, comic book movies, and feature the triumphant return of Marty Hooie's High Speed Review of New Who! Enjoy!

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David and Marty end up on earth some where between the 1970's and 1980s, no one could come to a consensus on this, at a peace conference to avoid a major war. Things are going well until TIME SHENANIGANS! Now they must find a way back from the 22nd century with a bunch of gorillas guerrillas to stop a bomb, defeat the Daleks, and punch up the CGI. So join us for Day of the Daleks! We also discuss DVD Extras, Power Rangers and Justice League as well as read your listener feedback! Enjoy!

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Marty and David head to Chloris to investigate a distress call, dodge sexual innuendo and congratulate our very own Dave Hingley on his impending fatherhood!! The guys talk Capaldi's exit, DVD Extras, listener feedback and much more! Enjoy!

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Neo-nazis? Black Magic? Cybermen? This month David, Marty, and host of many Doctor Who podcasts, including Radio Free Skaro, Steven Schapansky tackle the official 25th anniversary story, Silver Nemisis! We also discuss DVD extras, a forgotten PBS documentary about the story, and read listener feedback email. So join us as we fight Cybermen from rafters in Episode 115 of Hoo on Who.

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Episode 114 - The Return of Doctor Mysterio

David, Marty and Ian sit down to discuss The Return of Doctor Mysterio. Opinions varied a bit on this one, which attempts to combine two loves of all the Hooie men: Doctor Who and Superheroes!

The guys also discuss the Series 10 trailer and what Doctor Who swag they received at Christmas. Enjoy!

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