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Episode 31 - The TV Movie (Enhanced)

David and Marty review the 1996 Television Movie, Paul McGann as the doctor, and more specifically the new extra features on the Revisitations 1 boxed set edition.  The guys read listener feedback e-mails and turn the show over to our “official show Doctor” Dr. Phillip Serna to discuss the music for the television movie in his segment of ATSM!

FROM Dr. Phil:

John Debney, John Sponsler & Louis Febre - Serial TVM (Big Finish Production Code 8A) - Story 160 - Doctor Who: The Movie
DEDICATION: This episode is dedicated to my brother Paul Serna whose support and his love of film and television scores, inspired me to create Adventures in Time, Space and Music.
DISCLAIMER: Out of a spirit of fun, I ended up replacing the Dalek voices from the TV Movie with proper Dalek voices when quoting Doctor Who: The Movie. This is in no way to undermine the BBC DVD or the 2|Entertain DVD releases, or to mislead the audience in any way.
Links of Interest:

Hi-kbps version of Dr. Phil’s segment available here - http://adventuresintimespaceandmusic.phillipwserna.com/podcast/06atsmdebneysponslerfebretvmovie.mp3

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