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Episode 112 - Shada

LOST? UNFINISHED? FINALLY! Wait…did you think we were talking about Shada?? We are! David and Marty finally get around to reviewing the unaired Tom Baker story, Shada. The guys cover a plethora of DVD extras including the “More than 30 years in the TARDIS” special, and read listener feedback email!

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Episode 111 - Planet of Fire

This month on Hoo on Who, David and Marty find themselves on the planet Sarn. The Master has been shrunk and is mind controlling the waffle iron. The waffle iron burned Marty and he now has the Mark of Logar imprinted on his arm. The locals from Sarn are praising him as the chosen one, but will he have to prove it in the arena? We also discuss DVD extras, read listener Feedback email, and we take a break to chat with the writer of Titan Comic's new Third Doctor series (among many other things) Paul Cornell! So tune in to Episode 111 of Hoo on Who, where we review the Peter Davison story, Planet of Fire! We tried not to waffle too much in this one. Oh no! The Waffle Iron has awoken!

Next Month, Shada!

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Episode 110 - The Time Monster

David and Marty talk about Interstitial Time, unfortunate naming mistakes and the necessity of six-part stories. The guys reminisce about the passing of Gene Wilder (David sings), talk DVD extras and read feedback from some of our listeners! David also sits down with Ken Deep, showrunner for L.I. Who and fellow Doctor Who podcaster, to ask him about his recent trip to Cardiff.

NOTE: Due to some input level issues, David's audio was off last month and the problem was still present during the Ken interview. As you will no doubt notice, the problem has since been resolved and the rest of the podcast audio is fine.

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Episode 109 - Revenge of the Cybermen

David and Marty find themselves on a "plague" infested space station with some unruly humans, Vogans (who don't do poetry) and CYBERMEN!!

The guys talk other unrelated genre nonsense, and David recounts his recent experience at WHONA in Indiana. As always, DVD Extras and Listener Feedback emails!

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David and Marty take a trip to the most exciting place in all of time and space, THE MUSEUM! However, when they get there they can't seem to touch anything. Things really get weird when they see themselves on display! So join us for Episode 108 as we take a short trip to the Space Museum! We can't stay too long or David and Marty will run into themselves from Episode 80! Time Paradoxes take all day to clean up.

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The Tardis has been destroyed! Again! This time David and Marty find themselves on a  nameless planet with the Gonds! The Gonds are sacrificing the most intelligent of their species and they wont follow David and Marty out into the wasteland to see Captain America Civil War! Meanwhile the Krotons feeding off the mental energy of the Gonds while being picked off salads through out the galaxy! Join David and Marty as they discuss the Patrick Troughton story, The Krotons! They also discuss Pearl Mackie as the new companion, Bill, and Captain America Civil War!

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The Tardis has been destroyed! While David and Marty wait for the damage to be repaired they discuss this month's episode, Frontios. Marty also kicks the High Speed Reviews back into gear and reviews the first episode of season 3 of the new Fourth Doctor Adventures, The King of Sontar. They also discuss new companions, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Tweetle Beetles and read some listener feedback email. So join us for episode 106 of Hoo On Who and remember "When beetles fight these battles in a bottle with their paddles and the bottle's on a poodle and the poodle's eating noodles they call this a muddle puddle tweetle poodle beetle noodle bottle paddle battle."

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Episode 105 - The Moonbase

To the Moon, Hooies!!  David and Marty make good on their promise to get back on track, and deliver this homage-filled Hoo On Who review of The Moonbase, starring Patrick Troughton, Michael Craze, Anneke Wills, and Frazer Hines! The guys talk about animation, story elements, DVD extras, read listener feedback email and also talk briefly about the new Hulu miniseries, 11.22.63 See you in March when we go all Region 2 and review FRONTIOS!!

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Episode 104 - The Web Planet

Marty is 28!! To celebrate, the guys head off to Voortis where they review the First Doctor story, The Web Planet. Production design, story elements, and story length are discussed along with feedback from our listeners, DVD Extras and an interesting chat about what we expect from Chris Chibnall when he takes the reigns of Doctor Who in 2018!


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Episode 103: Time-Flight

Whoops the time circuits malfunctioned a bit so this episode is a little late. In the December episode we find ourselves at Heathrow airport! At last we can take Teagan home- Oh wait, it's an illusion. This month we review the Peter Davison story Time-Flight. We also discuss Lego Dimensions, Airplane!, The Fugitive, and we finally review the Series 9 finale Heaven Sent and Hell Bent. We also discuss DVD extras and lament the emptiness of our email bag. So join us for a short but fun episode of Hoo on Who! It turns out the scary wizard was *removes mask* The Master this whole time! And he would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for us meddling kids!

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